Oloncito | The House
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The Exterior:

Thank you for your interest in becoming one more of our happy guests. We assure you a memorable experience in Oloncito. The following images are from our house with its green areas, and places of interest very close to our location. It is now much easier to get here from Guayaquil. Transportation is great and the road is clean. If you like activity, you are looking for the right place.

The Interior:

We are showing here some images of the interior of the house. All appliances featured in the images are in great condition, as they are shown. It is a 3 stories building with plenty spaces for the allowable number of people, and balconies with colorful hammocks for a quick nap.


“Images worth a thousand words”, true! With these images you will get a better understanding of the nearby area and points of attraction. Obviously, Montañita is a very popular town just 5 minutes away from our home that everyone wants to visit. It is a small coastal town in Ecuador located in the province of Santa Elena about 180 kilometers northwest of Guayaquil.

Thank you again for visiting our site and send us an email if you have any question.